I’m Jess,

and I’m a recovering


I got an extreme close-up of what happens when you try to carry too much, and I don’t want that for you. This is my story.

I’ve worked several different corporate jobs — in Development, Marketing, Event Management, and Sales — and was usually recognized as a talent early on that rose through the ranks quickly. But I always reached an upper limit when I couldn’t commit to a 9-5 workday, because I was also committed to being there to greet my young children after school every day.

So you can imagine how excited I was when presented with the opportunity to join the team of an online business coach and trade in all the red tape for the work-from-home life! (Yes, friends, I was full virtual pre-pandemic and before it was cool!) I jumped head-first into the world of online business, which I knew I was a PERFECT fit for.

At that time, the business was making just over $100k. I rolled up my sleeves and got to work, quickly carving out a place for myself as the COO. And the best part was that with no set hours, I could work whenever and wherever I wanted! I organized and systemized the business from top to bottom while the monthly revenue figures gradually crept up. The more I worked, the better the business did — until within 18 months, we were grossing over $300k a month.

And boy, did I work! Training new team members, hiring, writing content, designing marketing materials, building sales funnels, fielding inbound sales calls, planning and managing events, producing live events, hosting international retreats, even coaching clients, and on and on… until before I knew it, I was wearing all the damn hats, on call 24/7, and totally exhausted. (Wondering… does this sound familiar?)

I was constantly switching gears… and doing a lot of work that I didn’t enjoy, didn’t feel good at, and definitely wasn’t getting paid for. As a result, my system was in a constant state of stress and overdrive. I felt resentful, irritated, and wasn’t a whole lot of fun to be around.

Now, please, don’t worry for me — because it got a whole lot better. In fact, consider this a cautionary tale with a happy ending. Because when I got really aware of what I was allowing to happen by doing all the things, I realized how and why I had to stop. And today, my mission is to help other online entrepreneurs set boundaries about what they should and shouldn’t be doing… and it’s also my superpower.

"People say balance is a myth,

but I believe balance is LAW.”

By that, I mean that there’s always an equilibrium that finds itself — you can only hold so much, and in order to pick up something, you have to drop something else.

So the moral of this story is: You literally cannot have it all, even though celebrities make it look that way. They have amazing people to support them so they can spend time doing what they’re great at and what they enjoy.

So my question is… DO YOU?

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Now more than ever, it’s critical for businesses and entrepreneurs to have a relationship with their audiences across multiple platforms.  I dive deep with my clients to help them find their authentic voice and use it to develop a marketing strategy that magnetizes their ideal client and, ultimately, turns their  followers into customers.

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I’m a wifey and proud momma to two daughters, a lovable mutt, a Robo hamster, and a chinchilla.



I’m a serial crafter (current obsession: crocheting wearables).  



I collect designer shoes and top-shelf bourbon.



My lifelong dream is to be on Jeopardy.